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Direct Print on Brushed Aluminium

Brushed aluminum will give the image an extravagant look. The whites and very bright parts the artwork are not actually printed; instead, these areas retain the horizontally brushed appearance of the aluminium surface. This look, also known as BUTLERFINISH®, gives the artwork a modern, metallic elegance. Thanks to the UV print technology, the artwork on aluminium Dibond is suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor areas.

Direct Print on Aluminium Dibond – Weatherproof Photo Print on Refined Aluminium

Direct print on aluminium Dibond is extremely robust, making it ideal for indoor and sheltered outdoor areas. Whether in the bathroom, the kitchen, or on the terrace, conditions such as damp and high temperatures have almost no effect on your direct print on aluminium Dibond. The solid composite material guards against loss of shape, while the UV Art Print technology prevents colours from fading. Thanks to the matte aluminium surface, images have a classic, flawless appearance.

Artwork will be printed with a matte finish directly onto a sturdy aluminium backing that is primed with a platinum white enamel. The photo is displayed in its most natural form without the need for an additional glass layer or lamination, yet it is still protected against external elements. The appearance of the aluminium backing is just as pure and simple as the finishing process itself. The classic elegance is particularly suited to digitally edited images. Contemporary urban shots and technical photos also benefit from the metallic appearance. The direct print on aluminium Dibond is seen by professionals as an affordable alternative to the original photo print on aluminium Dibond.

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